Sunday, December 5, 2010

R U ready for a New Year?

Well are you ready for 2011.  I am for sure.  I have traveled to 7 states in the past 12 months.  My husband travels with his job.  We were in Minnesota this time last year.  Being from the South I had never seen snow like that.  People actually drive on the lake after it freezes.  Not this girl.  Well I am going to try to assist some of you beautiful ladies with accent to your New Years eve outfit. 

I also will take special request if given in a timely manner.

Happy 2011 to all


Monday, November 1, 2010

New but sill blue

Hey bloggers as you can tell by now.  I design and make jewelry.  Not a pro. tho.  Can only wish.  My inspiration is Margo Morrison.. I hope one day I can meet her and learn her tricks.  I am just now starting wire wrapping...HELP.. I really need to know what people think.  I can take constructive criticism.  Please give your advise and comments.  Would you buy it?

The rest can be seen at

Please blogger I need your option for real

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kinda quite

Kinda quite around here.  Not much going on with my web pages,  Sure could use some buyers.  But when it's time God will bring them my way.  So are we all ready for the holidays?  Me too.  What is Santa gonna bring you?  Have my grandsons baseball all weekend long.  A tournament.  Cant wait and it is going to be great weather.  Well if you want to give a very special gift to a very special person, visit me at,

I also take special orders.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Houston bound

OK here we go off and going again.  Having been in New Jersey for 3 months back to the South we go.  Being from the south, I will  tell you that asking for Ice Tea in the north is kinda foreign.  Was asked every time. "So where you from"... Do I really talk any different then NewJersians,  I don't think SO.  30 hrs worth driving but it will so be worth it......

More and More

This piece is made of Mother of Pearl double strand...   :)

More designs

This is one of my favs.. You can also find me on Have a wonderful day